Water Repellent Surface Protectives

EKS KIMYA; with its GEOSIL brand products produces surface protecting and water repelling products for surfaces such as wooden, cloth and glass surfaces and the mineral structured surfaces (concrete, stone, tile, marble, travertine, painted exterior, cement based joint filler, etc.).

All the continually absorbing surfaces have the weakness of absorbing liquids and getting dirty. While these weaknesses can create a visual problem (surfaces getting dirty, appearing wet, change of colours, etc.) they can also create technical problems (such as surfaces getting old, cracking, deforming, etc.).

Therefore, GEOSIL surface protectors and water repellers remove the continual absorbing potential of the surfaces they are applied, and they also eliminate the problems such as deforming and getting dirty. At the same time they do not prevent air passages (breathing).

EKS KIMYA, is the leading producer company with its broadest reference list in the water repellents sector of Turkey.


• Repels water
• Repels oils and acids
• Creates a breathable surfaces
• Resistant to sea water
• Long prevents contamination
• Provides maximum protection against fungus and molds
• Protect against salting on highways and bridges
• Protection against chemical corrosion
• Simplest Implementatio
• Economical product
• Colourless
• Easily penetrates into the small pores
• Easily renewable after many years