In order to solve the problems encountered by the Clients during applicationof GEOTEC brand products, EKS KIMYA employs field performance auditors.Both for solving the problems and providing that the paint systems are appliedaccording to international criteria, our field performance auditors standby their Clients when necessary.

The experienced paint auditors of EKS KİMYA:
• Determine the painting system in the related project
• Determine the criteria for proper application of the painting system to suitable surface and acknowledgement of the client accordingly
• Make measurements and reporting during application
• Record the results of the painting system and comparison ofinterim results with first results.


1- Measurement of Ambient Conditions

Ambient Temperature (by Thermometer)
Ambient Humidity (by Higrometer)

2- Preparation of Surface for Painting
Proper Surface Cleaning
Proper Surface Roughness

3- Paint Selection and Tests
Measurement of Wet Film Thickness
Measurement of Dry Film Thickness
Conic Mandrel Test (Bending Test)
Neutral Salt Spray Test
Pinhole Test
Adhesion Test