Steel Structural


EKS KIMYA produces GEOTEC brand paints and coatings to save steel structures against corrosion and produce colors in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Steel structures are used throughout the World due to their durability, longevity, long term cost advantages and ease of application. In order for the steel to perform as new, they should be protected against corrosion with the proper paints and coatings in line with their environment, required durability criteria, the surface to be protected and cost expectations.

EKS KIMYA is one of the oldest steel structure paint and coatings producers in Turkey.

Advantages of GEOTEC Steel Construction Paints & Coatings:
• Prevent corrosion and prolong concrete durability.
• Prevent mixing of gas and liquid harmful to the environment.
• Increase performance of cathodic protection.
• Maintain the quality of substances carried within the pipes at the same level.
• Prevent rusting in the outer parts of the pipes, and prevent harms to the earth and the environment to be made by this rusting.
• Decrease investor’s system maintenance and costs.