Steel Pipe Paints & Coatings

1974' since

GEOTEC® Steel Pipe Paints & Coatings

EKS KIMYA, produces, anti-corrosion and coating products for steel and concrete pipes with its GEOTEC brand product.
Throughout the world, pipes are produced for various purposes whether as to transfer water, liquids and gases in pipes of various types and dimensions. Like any important material to be protected pipes must be protected at the highest safety so that they can fulfill its function without any problem occurring for many years to come

EKS KIMYA is the oldest firm of Turkey producing paint for pipes and coatings therefore we have field references in our inventory as old as 40 years.

  • Drinking water pipelines
  • Waste and domestic water pipelines cooling water pipelines of power plants
  • Port pile pipes
  • Oil pipelines
  • Gas pipelines
  • Concrete pipelines
1974' since

GEOTEC® Drinking Water Pipe Paints & Coatings

EKS KİMYA; formulates all paints in accordance with the contemporary health, environment and strenght requirements. In general, the desired features of the drinking water pipes are resistence to the mixing of impurities in unhealthy proportions into the transferred water, conservative effect for the taste and smell of the water and corrosion resistance against abrasion.

GEOTEC branded products meet such requirements as the results of domestic and foreign tests show.

  • They keep the quality of the substances carried in the pipes at the same level.
  • They prevent rust on the outer parts of the pipes and prevent them from damaging the soil and the environment.
  • They reduce the system maintenance and costs of investors.
  • They have prolonged concrete life, preventing corrosion.
  • They prevent the mixing of gas and liquid harmful to the environment
  • The performance of cathodic protection is improved.
1974' since

GEOTEC® Domestic Water, Waste Water And Power Plants Pipe Paints & Coatings

Generally, the features expected from domestic water, waste water and power plants pipe paints and coatings:

• Should be durable against high friction resistance.
• Should increase the performance of cathodic protection in underground pipes.
• Should prevent mixing of liquid waste harmful to the environment with the soil and air.
• Should exhibit high strength against the corrosive minerals and chemicals under the ground.
• Should be resistant against high humidity.
• In the upper surfaces of external pipes, it should be durable against corrosive air conditions (such as rain, wind, cold-warm transitions, sun, etc.).
• Internal surface coverings of the cooling pipes of power plants with extremely corrosive mediums should be coated with glass flake epoxy paint or coal tar epoxy paint.

1974' since

GEOTEC® Oil Pipe Paints & Coatings

In oil pipes, the materials to be transported are the cold and hot oil derivatives. Critical point of these paints to be used in these pipes are chemical abrasion values and high temperature of the transported chemicals. Against these two problems GEOTEC branded, novolac epoxy modified paints should be preferred.

The expected properties of the paints to be used in oil pipelines;

• Should be solvent based and novolac epoxy modified type.
• Should have a high chemical resistance.
• Should meet the unleaded 15% MTBE gasoline performance requirements indicated in D6943: 2003 standard
• Must meet the high temperature resistance. ( durabiliy performance for Oil and derivatives up to 900C and water up to 950C)
• Volumetric solid ratio should be high.
• Should have a smooth surface in order to allow the oil and water pass quickly without resistance.
• Should be able to easily cured in high and low temperatures and high ratio of humidity