Special Products

Light Filling Paste GEOLITE KA 5000 It is a very light, water-based filling and surface repair paste based on modified polymers and acrylic emulsion. It can be used in plasterboards on interior and exterior walls, GRC precast sheets, repairs and joints of mortar plates coated on EPS or XPS, filling of screw holes, crack filling of wooden surfaces, crack and hole filling of concrete surfaces, etc. It is used as repair and joint filling material on surfaces. 0,40 ± 0,05 60 ± 2
Paint Remover GEOCLEAN BS 8100 It is a solvent-based, paint or spray-based, one-component, very high performance paint and similar chemicals remover in dark gel consistency. It is used for removing old paint waste on metal surfaces, removing old paint on building exterior systems, removing old or unwanted paints on wooden surfaces, solvent and solvent-free epoxy painted, rapid painted, polyurethane painted, acrylic painted, etc. It can be used for removing paints on surfaces and for removing road markings on concrete or similar surfaces. 1,20±0,10 12± 2
Peel Off Protective Coating GEOSTRIP 4050 It is a one-component, solvent-based, translucent or colored, quick drying peel coating. Unpainted metal, glass, ceramics, vitrified, alloy metals, tiles, coated wooden surfaces, outer gelcoat surfaces of boats, aircraft parts, etc. It can be used in many materials with glossy outer surfaces. It ensures the protection of its surfaces against dust, corrosion, moisture, sun rays and mechanical corrosive effects during the storage, transportation and protection of these materials. 1,05 ± 0,05 25 ± 2