Marine Construction Paints and Coatings

Underwater Epoxy Paste GEOFILLER UW 1453 It is a two-component, high solids, thixotropic epoxy paste that can cure under and under water. This environmentally friendly product is extremely resistant to microorganisms and bacteria in the water. After completing its curing, it shows a unique impact resistance both underwater and above water. It is the most successful repair product in underwater restorations and anticorrosive forming. It is used to prevent corrosion that may occur in underwater steel and concrete piles, steel, concrete and wooden elements of structures such as houses, buildings, retaining walls, oil drilling facilities, boats / ships, ports and piers built by the sea or in the sea. 1,40±0,1 ~100
Underwater Epoxy Lamination Mortar GEOFILLER UW 1071 It is a three component, high solids, thixotropic epoxy lamination mortar that can be cured under and above water. It is used for repair and bonding purposes. It maintains its mechanical properties at low and high temperatures. It is ideal for repairing bridges, buildings, industrial and all similar concrete and steel structures for strengthening the underwater and surface surfaces and bonding polymer fiber bandages. It can be used in above water and underwater areas where good adhesion and physical resistance is required. 1,10±0,03 95±5
Underwater Epoxy Filling and Repair Mortar GEOFILLER UW 6200 It is a thixotropic epoxy filling and repair mortar with three components, high solids, which can be cured under and above water. It is an epoxy resin and aggregate formulation that can be replaced by pushing water, it is a very special mortar that is durable, adheres well to the substructure and can repair steel, wood and concrete surfaces below the water level. It is the filling mortar of GEO-ARMOR jacketing system. Thanks to its fluidity, it can be easily pumped and injected into the pile jacket. It provides the ultimate solution for the protection of steel, concrete and wood piles against corrosion. 2,25±0,1 ~100
Underwater Epoxy Repair Paint GEOFILLER UW 6500 It is an anticorrosive epoxy paint that can cure underwater. It is a high technology product providing superior performance, high solids, special pure epoxy and polyamide mixture. It can be applied to underwater steel structures as well as for the protection against corrosion, it is also used on the surfaces of steel structures and machinery in high humidity environments with heavy industrial pollution. Steel pipes, pier piles below and above the water level, oil refineries, wastewater treatment plants, chemical warehouses are the main uses. 1,25±0,1 ~100
Underwater Piling Jacketing System GEO-ARMOR System It consists of a combination of Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) Jacket and Geofiller UW 6200 epoxy grout reinforced with a special and high quality polymer formulation and glass fiber fabric used between the polymer. This system is used to repair steel, concrete or wooden carrier piles. It is robust, durable and provides the ultimate protection to the infrastructure. It is a high-tech, durable and long-lasting system. N/A N/A

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