Ports & Docks


EKS KİMYA produces coating systems for steel structures, pile pipes and concrete surfaces to be used in port and wharf projects for more than 30 years.

For pipe pipes used in such structures solvent including products like Geocoat 3803 Glassflake Epoxy , Ekotar 902, Ekotar 3900 and solventfree coaltar epoxy products are used. Under these products, Geozinc line zincrich epoxy primers are used. Also anticorrosive coatings are used in the steel components of these structures.

Our worldwide renown GEOSIL line of products are used on concrete structures of ports and wharfs in order to protect steel reinforcements in concrete from corrosion and freezingmelting cycle of salt water. Also in port and wharf projects, our underwater coating and mortar products from GEOFILLER Underwater Series are used at underwater parts of pile pipes and concrete components which lack orhave deformed insulation.

EKS KİMYA has countless and important references in Turkey and the World for steel structure, pile pipe and water repellency (GEOSILline) products.