EKS KIMYA, produces, anti-corrosion and coating products for steel and concrete pipes with its GEOTEC brand product.

Throughout the world, pipes are produced for various purposes whether as to transfer water, liquids and gases in pipes of various types and dimensions. Like any important material to be protected pipes must be protected at the highest safety so that they can fulfill its function without any problem occurring for many years to come.

EKS KIMYA is the oldest firm of Turkey producing paint for pipes and coatings therefore we have field references in our inventory as old as 40 years.

Benefits of GEOTEC Pipe Paints & Coatings:
• Prevent corrosion and make the concrete more durable.
• Prevent gases or liquids to spillover which may be hazardous toenvironment.
• Increase the performance of cathodic protection.
• Conserve the quality of the content of the liquids carriedthrough pipes.
• Prevent corrosions formed on the outer surface therefore prevents these corrosives to harm environment.
• Lower the maintenance and upkeep costs of the investors.