Marine Paints & Coatings

1974' since


EKS KİMYA manufactures a variety of anti-corrosion paint and coatings in the desired colors for vessels that are newly built or maintained in the marine paints industry. Whether you need coatings for newbuilding, maintenance or sea stock, our products will keep your vessel in prime condition for longer, from the machinery room to the cargo and fresh water tanks.

Our focus on constant improvement ensures that you have access to the latest technology, technical service and application techniques. All our coatings undergo stringent testing in the laboratory.

GEOTEC Marine Paints Usage Areas and Functions;

GEOTEC Marine Paints;
• As intermediate and topcoat on steel and concrete surfaces at industry and port facilities.
• Refineries.
• Sewage and waste factories.
• Fertilizer factories.
• Paper and pulp factories.
• It is used on warehouses, decks and boards of ships
• It is chemically resistant in immersion environment, ships, barges, port facilities and offshore structures.


GEOTEC Marine Paints Technical Specifications;

  • Provide excellent underwater resistance.
  • Surface tolerant paints.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Excellent chemical resistance with alkali, dilute acid, wastewater, drinking water, petroleum products, crude oil etc.
  • Provide durable and thick paint film (Hi Build).
  • Resistant to friction.
  • Offer very good flexibility even in aging coating.
  • Provide excellent adhesion even in old paint.
  • Excellent curing.
  • Excellent application properties.
  • Formulated for improved repainting ability.
  • Safe.
  • Applicable as a top coat due to the cosmetic appearance available.