Marine Construction Paints & Coatings

1974' since

GEOFILLER® UW 1453 Underwater Epoxy Putty

GEOFILLER UW 1453, which can be used in fresh and salt water (sea) and be applied 4 mt down to the bottom, can adhere to steel, oncrete, wood and similar surfaces very well.

With its thixotropic nature and solid material content, this putty does not flow or break off on the surface because of any waves and ripples in the water. It can be applied both on wet and dry surfaces. After it is cured, it gets unique impact strength on either underwater or above water surfaces.

GEOFILLER UW 1453 Underwater Epoxy Repair Putty is used to prevent corrosion that might occur in underwater steel and concrete piles as well as steel, concrete and wooden elements of constructions such as houses, retaining walls, oil drilling facilities, jetties and ports built on the shore or in the sea.


  • Advantage and ease of application under the water,
  • Fastest application and repair,
  • The most economical solution,
  • The longest lasting method
1974' since

GEOFILLER® UW 1071 Underwater Epoxy Lamination Grout

GEOFILLER UW 1071 is an underwater epoxy lamination grout. It is used for repair and bonding purposes. It is ideal for repairing bridges, buildings, industrial and similar concrete and steel structures to strengthen their underwater and above water surfaces as well as ideal to bond polymer fiber wraps. It maintains its mechanical properties at both low and high temperatures. It can be applied underwater areas where good adhesion and physical strength are required.

1974' since

GEOFILLER® UW 6200 Epoxy Filler and Repair Grout

GEOFILLER UW 6200 is a filler material for GEO ARMOR jacketing system, consisting of three components. It is a very special grout that can repair steel, wooden and concrete surfaces underwater. It has a strong adhesion with epoxy resin which can be replaced to the surface byİ pushing water and also has aggregate formulation. The GEOFILLER UW 6200 can be easily pumped and injected into the pile jacket. It provides the ultimate solution for protection of steel, concrete and wood piles against corrosion.

1974' since

GEOFILLER® UW 6500 Epoxy Repair Paint

GEOFILLER UW 6500 is an anticorrosive epoxy paint that can be cured underwater. It is the mixture of high solid pure epoxy and polyamide technology, providing excellent performance over the clients’ expectations. It can be also applied to underwater steel structures as well as to the steel surfaces and machines those are kept where high humidity and severe industrial pollution exist, in order to provide protection against corrosion.
Steel pipes, jetty piles (below and above water levels), oil refineries, wastewater facilities, and chemical material warehouses are the main application areas.
When structures need to be protected against abrasion and chemical corrosion, it is an excellent product for both industrial and marine environments with its low volatile organic material properties, thixotropic structure and high adhesion performance. GEOFILLER UW 6500 is self primed, surface tolerant and it can perform well even if the constructions will remain under water all time.
For the areas above water, GEOPUR 3700 aliphatic acrylic top coat is an optional product to keep color stability.

1974' since


GEO-ARMOR is heavy-duty jetty pile protection system with a GRP jacket and GEOFILLER UW 6200 Epoxy Grout is developed by EKS Paints & Coatings.

System is comprised of the GRP Jacket and GEOFILLER UW 6200 Epoxy Grout. The system can be applied above and/or below the water with inexpensive pumping equipment or pou ed into the pile jacket. GEO-ARMOR System is tough, durable and provides the ultimate protection to restore steel, concrete and timber piles.

Features ;

• Outstanding abrasion resistance
• Fast and Easy to install
• Non corrosive
• Requires inexpensive pumping equipment
• Excellent adhesion to substrate
• Manufactured to be translucent with clear gel coat
• High impact resistance
• UV resistant
• Long maintenance free service life