Floor Paints & Coatings

1974' since


EKS KIMYA; with its GEO Floor brand products produces paint and covering products for the floor covering sector.

In the structures floor covering is a requirement both for aesthetical appearance as well as prevention of floor dust emission and deformities. Today epoxy floor coverings has entered into our homes by being hygienic and the ease of practical usage.

EKS KIMYA; is one of Turkey’s oldest and deep rooted epoxy floor paint and covering producers.

The Advantages of GEO Floor Paints & Coatings:

• Aesthetic appearance surfaces,
• Hygienic surfaces,
• Jointless (monolithic) surfaces,
• Easily cleaned surfaces,
• Non Slipsurfaceson request,
• Easily maintained surfaces ,
• Long lastingand affordable surfaces,
• Wide color options,
• Dustfree surfaces,
• Surfaces with high chemical resistance,
• Surface with high mechanical resistance .